Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Christening of my Blog

I don't know what you do to begin a blog and grand opening sounded too commercial, so please forgive the title because I had no other word for what this blog is.

So I've decided to make a blog because I am a horrible correspondent and starting in September I'll be living in London for a few months, so my return rate of emails may be slower than usual, or worse...unbelievably long. To fix that problem, I'll be writing everything that I experience here so I at least don't send novels in the form of emails. The other part of this blog is my thoughts. I'm an English major who usually writes as little as possible so I'm hoping this blog will help me become more loquacious. With that thought, I'd like to explain the title of my blog.

Many of my college friends know I come from a small town, well for five years when I was young, I lived in an even smaller town (about 1,000 people). My house there was basically the center of town. The post office was next door, the church was caddy corner, the school a block past the church, and the only store in town was right across the street. I loved that town more than anything because in my five year old mind it was paradise. The best part of the town though belonged to me. In our front yard stood two lilac bushes by the right fence. Me and my dog would crawl between them and sit, soaking in the smell. My memory has become blurry since then, but I do remember going there to think and being filled with an amazing peace. I don't know if those bushes are still there and even if they are, the memory of them would be sweeter than their actuality. So this blog is dedicated to the feelings and ideas that made those lilac bushes so special.


The Mortensen's said...

Kelsy!!!!!! I am so glad you joined the blog world so I can keep up with you! I am THRILLED about your upcoming adventures! This is a great way to show us what you will be doing! Yeahoooooo!

Love ya cutie pie!

Jess and fam

The Mortensen's said...

p.s. do you remember me telling you when you were like 12 that you should do study abroad? I will take my slap on the back now! Ha Ha!