Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer of Bravery: Mabel Makes Me Face the Birds

Let me first say that I wasn't planning on doing another bravery post. I thought the caving fully satisfied my need to test my safety boundaries, at least for the summer. Mabel had a different idea.

This week I'm visiting Mabel in Washington before she goes on an LDS mission to Brazil. So today we toured Seattle and she took me to Ivar's which is a restaurant on the wharf that sells fish and chips. Ordering itself is quite the experience because they don't have lines. Instead, you yell out your order and wait until your order is yelled back at which point you pay for it and pick it up. You can then choose to sit in a glass shelter or out on a pier. Obviously, a nice day in Seattle calls for pier seating, but it also means that seagulls will be joining you for lunch. Birds do not rate high with me and seagulls are among the lowest in that category, but Ivar's is famous for feeding seagulls. There's constant movement along the pier with seagulls swooping in for food. If it was not enough to be keeping an eye on the closest seagull (and boy, do they get close), there is a feeding rite of passage. Guess who had feed the seagulls?

Only after I stuck out my hand to let a seagull snatch a fry did Mabel tell me about the gash she got from doing this. Thanks Mabel!


Clancy Clawson said...
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Clancy Clawson said...

Reminds me of when Zizek talks about Hitchcock's "The Birds."

Also, the word verification is "denrial." Is that like saying "denial" with a stereotypically Asian accent? For one, that's racist. For two, are you in denial about something? Do you really like birds but don't know how to express your love beyond french fries?

Annie said...

Haha, I love this so much. I ate there with Sam when we visited Seattle a couple of summers ago. Those seagulls are psycho.