Monday, July 12, 2010

Stifling Summer Unproductivity

The beginning of every summer, I set goals to be more productive in non-school related activities. Summer time will be mine to use however I please (insert maniacal laugh here)! Time to write, paint, read, and be social. I imagine a magic summer of creative endeavors and nature hikes. Reality: sleep, work, game nights, movies, eating out, sleep, naps, and a little reading.

I'm not saying I haven't done cool stuff this summer, because I have...perhaps even more than my previous summers. I've gone camping, hiking, played softball and soccer, gone to a concert and about every ward social event they could come up with. My social life has exploded with new names and faces. The last time I made so many facebook friends so fast, I had just joined. Consider my goal to be social accomplished, but what about all the creative me time?

No novels started. No awesome watercolors of mountain landscapes. Not even a scrapbook page. I've been slacking with my blog too. I wanted to tell you about camping along the Colorado river and having moonlight shine through my tent, about hiking at 5 a.m. to see the sunrise at Delicate Arch, about my near death experience with backyard fireworks, or about how I don't like "Float On" because I was crammed in with a bunch of smoky, sweaty, drunk, people who were mostly at the free concert for that one song--I was there for two songs so I'm so much deeper...two times deeper to be exact-- but every time I thought about blogging, I got distracted by the internet or a movie going on in my living room. So half way through the summer, I'd like to say this will change, but it won't. Not that much at least. I'll probably read and write a bit more and produce a mediocre painting, but that's it. Oddly enough, that's okay with me because even for all my "wasted" time, I've had fun and I've received a few lessons despite not being in school--my consistent efforts to exude awesomeness and inevitably falling short being among those lessons.

Fortunately, cameras don't require much work, so I at least have some pictures from my camping trip to prove I did something with my summer.

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Annie said...

Dude when did you go to arches? I went like a month ago! It's so cool. Except the Delicate Arch. It was kind of a let down, no offense...maybe I would have liked it better if I had hiked at 5 in the morning, though. It's probably way cooler close up.