Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Morning Person

By looking at my sleeping patterns, you'd never know I love to see the sunrise, but twice this summer I've been convinced to hike at insane hours just to see the sun peak over the mountains.

For this trip, I joined a rather large group of people to hike Timp at midnight so we could watch the sunrise from the saddle which is not the summit, but pretty close; We could see the valleys on either side of the mountain. It was a fun hike at first, (paved trail, a waterfall, and random conversations among the hikers) but around 4:30am I turned into a marching zombie and conversation had died unless it was to ask for a break. Finally, around 6am, we made it to the saddle where we huddled up and waited for the sun to rise. Take a look at these pictures and tell me it wasn't worth it.

Now if only I could convince my legs to quit complaining.

1 comment:

Clancy Clawson, the author said...

Your pictures turned out great!

But you failed to mention how you were one of the only people smart enough to bring a blanket up to the top.