Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Can Be Domestic

My roommate jokes that I can cook, I just choose not to. I'm not saying I became Julia Child over Christmas, but I did happen to show a little more of my domestic side.

It all started with the Christmas tree. I put it together (our first fake tree), decided where it would reside, and decorated it all by myself.

Then I made fudge which I do almost every Christmas, but this Christmas I didn't make a practice batch.

Finally, I spoiled my Dad for his birthday by making him meringue. You might think big deal, she didn't make the actual pie. But I feel like this was the crowning glory of my experiment with domesticity, mostly because I made this meringue with my mom and both my grandmas looking over my shoulder. Talk about pressure! I made my Dad blow out a candle I put in the pie just so he'd appreciate my handiwork before it was sliced and served.


Clancy Clawson said...

I always knew you were a woman.

Annie said...

Oh my, that is an amazing looking pie. I am impressed!

Not that I didn't believe you could cook. I've eaten your salsa :)