Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Summer!

Finals are done, I've graduated, and life is good. As far as I'm concerned, summer has begun and today was a great day to start.

I may not have been able to leave Provo and go on the great American adventure, but I did get to drive around town with my windows rolled down. I think eating in-n-out while listening to "Hotel California" is a decent substitute and things only got better from there.The evening included a kickball game, 24, a bonfire, a toast with cherry limeade, and an impromptu performance of "Lean on Me" (around the bonfire which makes it better). This is when I remember that I love my life.

Since I've declared it summer already, it's time to give this summer a name. Last year was the summer of nerdiness and with my currently single status, I was seriously tempted to make this the summer of flirtiness. It just sounds fun in the literal and metaphorical sense, but this summer means so much more to me than the potential for a fling or two. No, this summer is the summer of freedom. It kicked off with our ward's closing social being called "Wardstock" and me finally having a car (free at last from relying on roommates to go grocery shopping). How this summer ends has yet to be determined, but the possibilities look promising.

KC, Me, and Elis getting psyched for Wardstock...

...and a dance. They're a significant part of my summer plans.

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