Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Romanticized Literary Life

There are some days that I all I want is to read and travel the world. I see glimpses of this imagined life.

A cozy flat in Hampstead. Walks in the heath with my Welsh springer spaniel named after a famous author like Tennyson. Breakfast every morning at my favorite café while I watch people walk by. On especially beautiful days, lunch in the churchyard. Trips to see the Taj Mahal, Alhambra, or any place that intrigues me. Hikes along coasts or up mountains just to take in the view. A journal and a book in my bag wherever I go.

That is my dream life. That's what keeps me going as a literary studies person--not really the details of my imagined life, but the idea that I can absorb and appreciate life in moments.