Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hampstead and Hampstead Heath Walk

Flora of Hampstead
1. Graveyard Path
2. Willow in the Heath
3. October Tree
4. Autumn Afternoon
5. Where Ivy Creeps
6. Last Glimpse of Summer
7. Overgrown
8. Fall Treat

The walk book talked about how Hampstead was once a spa and good walk if one wanted a break from the city and I heartily agree. Though the walk took about six hours due to getting lost in the heath, it has been my favorite walk so far. The sunny autumn day and old brick buildings brought out the natural beauty that had started to change with the season. A walk in an old churchyard seemed the romanticized image of the overgrown and spooky graveyards of horror movies and the heath seemed like a forest where Ichabod Crane would run into the Headless Horseman. These spooky sites only added to the autumn charm. The brisk air and warm glow of the sun enriched the changing leaves. Add the crisp apples I bought from the backyard of the Fenton house and it was the perfect Fall day.

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The Mortensens said...

Hey Kelsy!
Grandma and I are wishing we were with you right now!

Glad you are having fun!

-Kennedy and Grandma Nancy