Friday, October 3, 2008

Walking the Walls of Londonium

Stone Memories
1. Remembering London’s History
2. Roman Walls
3. Memorial for Heroic Efforts by Ordinary Citizens
4. How the Walls Have Changed
5. Emperor Trajan
6. Memorial for Soldiers
7. Remembering Religion
8. Turkish Bath…now a restaurant
What was so interesting about the Londinium was seeing how London has grown since its beginnings as a Roman town and how buildings have been saved as a memorial to its past. Coming of the tube I saw the remains of the Roman wall and was almost taken back to the time when London was an outpost of a massive empire. I say almost because still the cars drive by and airplanes fly over head and the wall stays as a memory of the past. From there I go up to the bustling streets and find more memorials, these are for soldiers who died protecting their country. Again and again I see memorials-some explicitly for the memory of people, some to mark a time in London’s history, and one in particular, the Museum of London, to remember all that has transpired within the walls of Londinium.

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