Sunday, September 21, 2008

Devon and Cornwall

Monday we all gathered to hear about our "trip to the west," but to everyone's disappointment our professors kept our destination as to the west until the evening before. Then we heard the names of the places we were to see, but no real idea of the trip that lay ahead. Now I realize we could never have been prepared for the beauty we saw. We visited Stourhead which is a lovely estate that also happened to been the site for the proposal scene in the latest Pride and Prejudice. The next morning we just relaxed at a fairly secluded beach near Penzance that seemed to of come from a pirate novel. I never knew England could have such beautiful beaches. Then we made our way to St. Michael's Mount which was again beautiful. The next day was spent in Exeter and Lyme Regis. Both cities had their special charms, but I preferred the food and scenery of Lyme, especially since the best fish and chips I've had here were from Lyme. I really don't know if any of our other trips can surpass this one, but it will be fun to try.

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Once upon a time... said...

Truly amazing! You are a doll Kels!