Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poet's Corner

Yesterday morning as I was scrunching my hair, some poetic lines entered my mind. Why? Well I really do not know why, but I imagine it had something to do with a girl in my dorm reciting Tennyson and the day that lay ahead. You see, yesterday I visited the Globe Theater and Westminster Abbey. The Globe was not overly impressive --neat --interesting, but not awe-inspiring. Westminster Abbey, however, was so very ancient and full of the tombs and memorials of historical and great people that I was half-way between awe and a sickness at the idea of all the dead bodies. My favorite part by far was poet's corner--literary greatness gathered in one area. So to their memory or in spite of their excellent example here are the lines that came to my mind. (Please remember they are very much under revision.)

The very sight of he brought to my heart enmity.
Twas not a young lad fair that I did gaping stare... (to be continued)

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