Saturday, September 20, 2008

South of the Thames Walk (Wild Side)

Titles of Pictures (in order from top to bottom)

1. Modern London City (City Hall)

2. Old and Modern Neighbors

3. Monument of Old London (Tower Bridge)

4. Clean Lines of London (the Eye)

5. Some Things Remain

6. Always Entertaining (Globe Theater)

7. Underneath (skate park)

8. Lawn Chairs

During my walk the one thing I couldn’t help notice was how different the South Thames was from the North Thames. The museums, art galleries, and government buildings had a very modern style. They played with lines while at the same time giving the buildings a clean appearance unlike Gothic and Greco-Roman styles that are sometimes clutters with decorations. I had thought that South Thames was the modern side. However, I was both right and wrong in thinking so. Along with the modern buildings were older buildings like the Southwark Chapel and Globe Theater found on meandering stone paved streets. The South Thames wasn’t modern in the sense that it had all new buildings. I found it to be a hodgepodge of old and new that existed perfectly well together. This coexistence made it modern because it embraced new ideas without forgetting its history.

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The Mortensen's said...

What fantastic shots you got! Remember when we tried to make your room look like you traveled? Now you really can eh?