Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exhaustion in London

Well I'm here, in London town. I've had about an hour of sleep in about 28 hours and I can't quite sleep yet without screwing up my sleep cycle. (As if it was normal to begin with). Getting around the airport was a little stressful since I couldn't find my group, but I eventually caught up with them and seriously wanted to weep for joy. From there the trip to palace court was a mixture of fatigue and excitement. My temporary home here in London is nothing short of wonderful. It's a townhouse right out of history. As my friend Sabrina said, "It's like a Jane Austen book with technology" and I might add without boys...well without boys we can date. I'll put up pictures as soon as I can. I have to get an adapter first. (Mom you'd love it!) I live in the Queen Victoria room which is right below the Charlotte Bronte and right above the Jane Austen room. Oh and did I mention I have 12 roommates! Luckily they're not all strangers. I found out that I know 3 of the girls here and recognize the faces of another 3 so it's not a total shock. As for the city London, well it's like U.S. cities on the main streets but the side streets are full of amazingly cute houses. I'm realizing I'll just have to put up pictures. Miss you all tons!


Abby said...

It sounds perfect for you! And you're writing a book?! Yay! Can you tell me what it's about? We miss you here...and I definitely do want to see some pictures soon!

The Mortensen's said...

This is just so awesome! Just think a week ago you were in little Alamosa Colorado! Nuts!!!! I bet your mom is wishing she was there with ya!